MOSAIC is an unauditioned community choir based in Cambridge, New Zealand. Our group is made up of regular individuals with a wide range of ages, cultures, occupations and interests with one thing common; we all absolutely love to sing!

Our name MOSAIC, reflects the idea of many small pieces joined together to make something even more wonderful than they were on their own. We all like to think we're pretty amazing individuals but have discovered that joined together as a choir, we are capable of absolute magic!

Photos by Brooke Baker


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Brooke Baker is a talented musician, singer and performer with an extensive & diverse musical background; Orchestras to Choir to Rock Band, Piccolo to Tuba to Electric Guitar, Te Awamutu to Sydney Opera House to Welsh International Eisteddfod, Chorister to Opera Singer to Cabaret. As MOSAIC's Musical Director, she is strongly committed to extending the choir's musical skills and vocal technique, repertoire and performance experience. All sounds very serious but really she just brings so much outrageous enthusiasm and fun to every rehearsal we can't resist following along.